Day Pass

Vida Lotus is your best option for spending a healthy day with friends or family .

ENTRANCE:   adults: $20    —     kids 3+: $10   —   seniors: $15

Includes access to all of our green areas and common areas (parking, lobby, restaurant and camping area. Also includes bathroom access and fresh aromatic herbal infusions. The basic entrance fee does not include access to pool or spa.

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POOL:  To use our mineral water infinity pool (that is free of toxic chemicals), each person pays $20 (minimum 6 people). The pool must be reserved at least  48 hours in advance. Each guest must shower before entering the pool.

vida lotus retreat & spa infinity pool


COMIDA:  We offer a healthy meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (for overnight stays, dinner, then breakfast and lunch). The cost is $40 per person. The specific selections  vary according to the season and can be adapted to the desires of the client.