SEVA Volunteer Program

Seva Program

Our Seva program offers an intense spiritual journey of commitment and transformation. Seva means selfless service and is an opportunity to engage in karma yoga in the context of a spiritual community setting. Our volunteers receive similar benefits that our guests receive, by contributing services instead of money. If you resonate with our mission and have a strong desire to offer your service and support, you are welcome to apply for a position in our Seva program.

Seva Positions

We offer Seva positions in the areas of maintenance, landscaping, kitchen, gardening and administrative. If you would like to be considered for such a position, we would love to hear from you. When a position becomes available, we always go first to our applications on file.

Our Seva plan is essentially an exchange of services. Vida Lotus provides instruction in The Lotus Lifestyle, The Ducharme Healing Protocol and The Ducharme Rapid Migraine Relief Method, raw vegan nutrition and raw vegan meal preparation, yoga, organic gardening and permaculture, languages and communication and more. The Seva volunteer provides services in one or more areas including landscaping, kitchen, laundry, cleaning, design, construction, etc.

Seva Rules

Our Seva plan aims to provide an unforgettable experience of personal growth and lifestyle transformation. Our community strives to achieve perfect harmony, therefore we invite all participants to adopt the continuous pursuit of excellence. The following is not meant to be a complete list of rules… each Seva volunteer should find more “rules of conduct” in his heart.

  1. We relate from love and understanding and maintain open and honest communication.

  2. We respect all life, including humans, plants and animals.

  3. We work together as a team and respect each other’s time.

  4. We maintain impeccable spaces, leaving every room cleaner than when we found it. We dry the shower after use, lower the toilet lid, empty and replace garbage bags, take dirty towels and clothes to the laundry room, clean and return each tool after use…

  5. We eat at appropriate times and spaces designated for eating.

  6. If we have any doubt related to a the written or unwritten rules, we ask.