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Sobre nuestros masajes: “El mejor masaje en la Tierra Michael encuentra una manera de masajear su alma

Sobre las migrañas:Después de un solo tratamiento, mis migrañas diarias han desaparecido por completo. ¡No he sufrido una migraña en años!

Sobre el insomnio: “…durante 10 años, he intentado con todas las técnicas. La terapia de Michael fue sin duda la más eficaz

Despertar espiritual:experiencia transformadora y curativa

Control de peso: “… he perdido 15 libras rápidamente y 2,5 pulgadas de mi cintura




Este masajista muy especial, fui donde el por el estress que tenia en el cuerpo y este Sr. no solamentee me curo el estress si no que nos dio calses de yoga lo cual me ayudo bastante en lo que es la respiracion habitual por lo cual cada momento en los cuales siento mi cuerpo estresado practico esos estiramientos y hago esa respiracion especial lo cual automaticamente me quita el dolor alguno.

Este tratamiento es muy completo no solo para relajar el cuerpo realmente si no por que sus charlas son muy espirituales y motivadoras, relamente salimos felices de ahi.

Lleve a mis familiares y recomendaria full a este masajista ya que para mi tiene un don especial tanto para curar como para cambiar la vida de las personas.

Muy agradecida





Results for migraines and headaches

It was inspiring to observe the many healings that took place. So many people would walk into the spa, some with horrible health conditions like daily migraines, and after just one rather lengthy session, the condition was apparently gone… folks would often come back months later just to thank us for freeing them of the horrible pain.

Michael taught me how to get rid of someone’s headache in mere minutes. The lengthy sessions were for preventing future attacks.
I would recommend that anyone suffering from headaches or migraines, as well as anyone interested in learning how to eliminate these conditions, should visit The Lotus Garden as soon as possible.
– Diana Vasquez, Panama City, Panama

Last night I had my first migraine since I saw you, more than a month ago. I’m really impressed with the results of our short, ten-minute session. I’ve been constantly around my triggers… I would have expected at least 20 migraines by now, and all I’ve had is one!
– Christine, MacGregor, Ontario

Results for insomnia

I visited Lotus Garden in Panama and had one massage treatment for my insomnia. It was a very unique system, different from any massage that I have ever experienced. After the treatment, I felt very relaxed in my body and mind. I slept deeply and peacefully the first night after the massage. Then the second, the third, and so on. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked. A few months later, I experienced some occasional insomnia again… I will definitely come back to Lotus Garden to experience the wonderful healing again.
– Natalia Star, Nurse Clinician, Montreal, Canada

For the last 10 years I’ve had insomnia. I’ve tried with every technique and teaching I’ve encountered that offered a solution. Michael’s therapy was without doubt the most effective thing I’ve tried. I’d urge anyone with similar health issues to take this very seriously.
– Adam Bones, Panama City


Results for Anxiety and Stress

The two hour healing massages I have gotten with Michael have brought me out of intense stress and anxiety as well as eased pain in my body. They are a necessity for me.
– Patricia Szymanski, Panama

“A great relief from work, got back to the office with a clear mind”
– R.B., Farallon, Panama



Results for Weight Loss

Staying at The Lotus Garden improved my life dramatically! During my first two weeks at The Lotus Garden, I followed the raw vegan diet, and quickly lost 15 pounds and 2.5 inches from my waistline. The pants that were tight on me when I arrived to the Lotus Garden were falling off me one week later.

It has been two months since I visited The Lotus Garden, and the new, healthy habits that I learned there have stayed with me. I have not gained back any of the weight. My energy level is as high as it ever was (and by the way, I am 77 years old).

I now eat a more sensible diet, and I am going to keep it this way. I can wholeheartedly recommend The Lotus Garden to anyone wishing to find wellness, whether that means weight loss, increased vitality, pain relief or any other goal you may be working towards.
– Professor Anthony S. Brechkow, Tecumseh, Ontario

Following my visit in which I tried the salads that were prepared with so much love and dedication, I began to add more raw foods in my diet, and I noted a clear benefit to my weight, thanks to the suggestions that I received at the Lotus Garden Spa. Definitely I recommend visiting this place.
– Yudaly Peña, Panama


Results for other ailments

Relief from lower back pain and muscle cramps

My left calf has been cramped since coming in from Canada a week before, and I was suffering from lower back pain. Michael has developed his own style of healing… incredible twisting, stretching massage… did what two previous trips to the chiropractor in Canada was not able to do – put my lower back in line and relieve what has been two months of lower back pain. That alone was worth the trip… It took fifteen minutes to unlock the cramp in just one of my legs … Positive endorphins flooded my mind… this can only be described as the most decadent, relaxing and therapeutic massage I have ever had… I would pay double… a week later, and I still feel like a new man…
– Roberto Chocolate, Santa Clara, Panama

Relief from rheumatoid arthritis

My (10-year-old) daughter suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for several years. The condition was totally debilitating, and she was never able to play or participate in any of the physical activities that normal kids do. My wife and I had taken her to many doctors in Nicaragua prior to my move to Panama. The doctors tried their best to find a solution, but nothing worked. They prescribed powerful pain medication to treat the symptoms, while admitting that this would do nothing to solve the problem. They hoped that the problem would simply cure itself around the time that my daughter reached adult age… Michael explained to me the benefits of a raw vegan diet, including an overall reduction in inflammation. He did not promise a cure, but suggested that the raw vegan diet would be worth a try, especially since all other options had failed… To our entire family’s amazement, Gisel’s rheumatoid arthritis completely disappeared in less than a week on raw vegan foods! I am so delighted that my daughter can be a little girl again! She is happy with her new diet, and will definitely continue.
– Roberto Manuel Cajina Serrano, Managua, Nicaragua

Relief from bronchiectasis

For years, I had suffered from a condition known as bronchiectasis, in which the symptoms of a cold would persist without end. I had taken my antibiotics with me on my trip. But as it turns out, I did not have to use them! I had also taken with me a bottle of aspirin and a multivitamin, but I did not feel the need for any pill whatsoever.
– Professor Anthony S. Brechkow, Tecumseh, Ontario

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Spiritual and energetic benefits…

…amazing treatment… It was more than a healing and a massage. In a subconscious level, I felt something in me changed and it helped me realize many, many things… Even two days after the massage I feel incredibly relaxed and somehow, different.
– Jennifer, Panama City

The best massage on earth…. more than a body massage, Michael seems to find a way to massage your soul. It was truly a wonderful 2.5 hours of complete relaxation… He has a way of calming even the most anxious of minds.
– P Ortiz, San Francisco, California

This is the best kept secret we discovered in Panama. The spiritual and physical experience was amazing and never experienced elsewhere.
– Cape Town Central, South Africa

It has been two months since I visited The Lotus Garden, and the new, healthy habits that I learned there have stayed with me… My energy level is as high as it ever was (and by the way, I am 77 years old).
– Professor Anthony S. Brechkow, Tecumseh, Ontario

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Comments from other healers

I’m a chiropractor and beautician… Michael Ducharme invited me to the Lotus Garden Spa and I never stopped going. Lotus Garden provides good service, good care and comfortable facilities. The massages are the best I’ve had. I love them. They carry me to a world of relaxation and allow me to forget the mundane world for a few hours.
– Yaquelin Cobo, Panama

Calm healthy and vitally alive… Enchanting experience. Michael is a great host as he cares deeply for your well-being.

Great Experience… the most relaxing moments of my life. The place is spacious, quiet, full of peace and harmony, essential elements to achieve total relaxation. The staff… treated me like a queen… the marvelous experiences that I have had keep me coming back.
– Mayra Urriola, Panama City, Panama

I got a 2 hour massage that could be rated the best ever. It was such a relaxing and loving stay. I recommend Yoguini Spa to Every tourist that enters Panama!!!!
– G.B., Ottawa, Canada

Paradise on Earth! the place that transports you magically, with its ambiance and the warmth of all the staff.
– Temperantia, Panama City

“A Delightful Experience”… The SPA service is wonderfully excellent… recharge yourself with positive energy and clean the body, mind and soul… The chocolate therapy is an unforgettable experience… it leaves your hair and skin so totally soft…
– Sugel Contreras, Panama

It’s a very special place… I experienced many new sensations… really awesome!… before my visit, I did not eat any salad or onions or spices, but after spending 5 days at the Yoguini Spa, salads are now an essential part of my daily diet!! THANK YOU…
– L.A., Panama City

Superb experience!… well worth the trip… I recommended it to everyone.
– E.M., Tijuana, Mexico

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  1. I know Michael for several years and watched him develop this dream business. Although not fully completed every attention detail has been taken care of. The place is a spiritual retreat and the food you will receive is as pure as it could be, no artificial additions. The healing massage is very well done and with experience staff. Just lay down and relax.

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